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Outdoor Adventure Kit

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Take the goo with you and let the adventure begin!

Potent, portable, and perfect for your backpack or back pocket whether your destination is the mountaintop, the forest, or the backyard.

First Aid - .6 oz. Jumbo Stick
This power-packed, portable, plant-based salve promotes the body's healing abilities and replaces many traditional first aid items. Perfect defense for cuts, scrapes, blisters, burns, chafing, cracked hands + feet, and relieving the itch and sting of bug bites.

Bugs Be Gone - 4 oz. Bottle
This bug repellent is 100% all-natural with a unique and highly effective blend of herbs and essential oils that help repel insects without synthetic chemicals, DEET, and citronella.

Green Goo Hand Sanitizer - 2 oz. Bottle
Our hand sanitizer is made in the U.S.A, dries quickly, and effectively kills 99% of illness-causing germs. The convenient 2 oz. bottle fits in pockets and the gel is unscented to not ruin the natural smell of the outdoors.

Lip Balm - Cool Mint
Green Goo's innovative lip balm protects, soothes, and mends dry, chapped, and damaged lips and has a refreshingly chilly flavor of peppermint. It contains natural sun protection and gently and effectively moisturizes and nourishes skin.

Green Goo is a women-owned and family operated thriving business that was founded in Lyons, Colorado. Their mission is to create first-aid and personal care products using all natural ingredients that are better for us and the planet.

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